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Michael Bagby

psyd33 1352014bell curve mean of bell curve 50 sd 68 in one sd ie iqold days took chrono age divided by mental age estimated that if same had avg iq normal dist avg iq is 100 sd on iq 15 run experiment and only using uni student and want to extrapolate to outside rely solely on that group of indiv make generalizations thats what happens happens though and problem of generalizationssame prob college students and depression groups task for or against analogue samplesAgainst Group 1short term vs long term with college students distress is short term vs clinically depressed where the distress is long term Students are often too young and theres of testretest reliability Also with students distress from children and marriage are less likelyBDI poor methodology Rely on interpretation of students themselves so theres a question of self report reliability BDI too sensitive easy to score above cutoff Psychiatrists are better at diagnosing people than the selfreport measures which dont assess co mo
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