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PSYD33 - Lec 5 notes (RCT designs)

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Michael Bagby

Are RCT designs in psychotherapy research essential and exclusively necessary to advance ESTs? You have a problem, doctor refers you to specialist – ie respirologist who puts u on treatment -big movement in medicine now is EBM (evidence based medicine)  where scientific literature looks at whether certain medicines are best for specific diseases so need to look at latest empirically based articles and be up to date w/ current medicine –BASICALLY you want treatment to be based in science -WESTEN paper is about empirically supported evidence for psychotherapy -WESTIN is a psychoanalyst and psychoanalysts don’t subject themselves to EBM -so do you want clinical experience or someone who is informed in EBM? you want a balance BUT also has stayed up on literature -you want medical practitioners to look at peer reviewed articles and practice to be informed -evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions (ie. CBT, IPT) are diff from medically-based interventions  b/c they validate treatment for psychotherapy -this is a vast issue of importance -empirically-supported therapy INCLUDES randomized clinical trials (RCT) - CBT trials for depression and anxiety disorders (ie. panic disorders, GAD) lasts 20 sessions - there are personality styles (ie. excessively dependent, perfectionist) that leads to depression if personality leads to depression, and if we just treat the depression, can we see changes in depression/personality over the 20 sessions? –the biggest problem in psychotherapy is RELAPSE (or occurrence) b/c we just treat depression and not the underlying cause o WESTEN argues that yeah ur treating the depression and CBT is regarded as ultimat
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