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Public Policy
Scott Aquanno

Globalization Free market capitalism Globality Int’l trading system Transnational corporations Increased capital flows and mobility Mcworld Global civil society Political Culture Core components: • Rise of post-materialism – shift from concerns with economic issues, security and material gain; new focus on lifestyle concerns (belonging, esteem, intellectual development) • Increased salience of rights discourse – elaboration of human rights documents and instiutitons (individual rights) • New emphasis on difference – emphasizes collective identities and cultural identity; resist liberal universalism which rejects differences =postmodern condition impacts: decline of deference, less trust in government, defense of traditional ways of life, social fragmentation, skepticism of traditional representative institutions Governance Core components: • New ideas about governance and public management stemming from questions about the capacity of government to do things efficiently and effectively • =new public management • replacement of the bureaucratic paradigm – move way from line and staff distinctions and carefully defines roles to a more client focused, service oriented system organized around modernizing program delivery, strategic management, partnership and alternative service delivery • impacts – affect management practice and rhetoric, new emphasis on revenue, decentralization, cost-cutting competition, performance appraisal results and accountability The Policy Context Extended • Need more focus on the central, first order socio-economic structures that determine policy outcomes at the highest level. To a certain extent the second order changes in culture and governance identified by Pal are derivatives of these shifts/forces • = open up the notion of globalization introduced by Pal with particular focus on the globalization of trade and capital and the ideology of free market capitalism • =need to specifically consider: • 1. Changing nature of the state • 2. International monetary regimes • 3. Nature and form of neoliberalism The Changing Nature of the State: Free Trade and Transnational Capitalism • The post-war capitalist order had a wide political dimension in so far as the metropolitan capitalist states were bound together i
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