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Health Care Policies in Contemporary Canada BACKGROUNDOne third of total health care expenditures are not included in the public system ex prescription drugs dental services vision correction much physiotherapyProvincial govts have primary jurisdiction over health care in Canadas Constitutionlicensing standards regulations that determine the fees that doctors may charge for specific servicesLargest expenditure in provincial govt budgetsOttawas rolemoney willing to share the costs and public opinion delivering services to some groups ex aboriginalssetting and monitoring national standardsindirectly affect healthcare professions and the conditions of employment 1 Canada Health Act 1984 penalizes provinces that allow doctors to bill patients above what the provinces schedule of billable services permit 2 Medical Care Act 1996 5 Principles that provinces must respect in order to qualify for federal costsharing 1 Public Administration nonprofit basis 2 Comprehensiveness covering all necessary services 3 Universality equal access for all insured residents 4 Accessibility unimpeded by financial or other barriers 5 Portability when travelling within Canada not just in homeprovince 3 Authority in field of ImmigrationIn admitting to Canada doctors and other health practitioners4 Federal transfers in cash and tax points Canada Health and Social Transfer and equalization grants Extrabilling charging patients a fee on top of the amount paid by provincial health insurance plans ambiguity of principles in CHAMedicare comprehensive nationwide public healthcare systemProvincial Medical Association determines the licensing standards that doctors must meet in order to practiceaffects supply of physicians the number of medical schools at universities in the province and how many students to admit Canadians believe that there is a problem with their healthcare system 1 How can Canadians protect their right to access timely medical servicesSection 7 of the Charter guarantee life liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justiceSupreme Court Ruling of 1988 Morgentaler Case on Canadas abortion law delay in the provision of medically necessary treatment violates an individuals right in section 7Supreme Court Ruling of Chaoulli v Quebec 2005 invalidated Quebecs prohibition against private health insurance for medical procedures that are covered by the public health care system
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