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Henry Shiu

SIKHISM TERMS Sufism is a term for the Islamic mystical tradition. Sufism and three Hindu elements has had influence on the Sants and through them on Nanak but only marginal. The North Indian Sant tradition is where the first Sikh leader Nanak was situated. The term Sant may have come from sadhu which is Sanskrit for a holy ascetic or sat which is truth. Three elements flowed together in the Sant tradition bakhti, yoga and Sufism. The Sant tradition drew its vocabulary from Hindu sources. There were many influential Sant poets like Namdev; Ravidas, a leather worker or cobbler from Banaras who stated how caste status is irrelevant to spiritual fulfilment; Kabir, a contemporary of Ravidas who was born into a family of Hinduism and Islam, he however was of neither. Nanak is the founder of the line of gurus or inspired teachers. The compilation of his more than 900 hymns about his religious beliefs and now as Sikh scripture is known as Adi Granth. He referred to the fundamental divine reality as the Sat Guru (True Teacher) or Om kara (Divine One). Nanak insisted that God should be experienced, rather than talked about. Nanak blended Muslim and Hindu elements into his clothing. Nanak believed in many principles of both Hinduism and Islam but also criticized many of its elements. Mardana was a friend of Nanaks and they visited holy sites together all throughout Indian. Nanak preached, sought disciples
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