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The Veda divides into four samhitas or collectionsRigVeda SamaVeda YajurVeda AtharvaVeda Each of these collections in turn consists of four sectionsSamhitasAranyakasBrahmanasUpanishads First how did it think about human beings Second how did it conceive the world of nature Third how did it conceive the world of the gods Prana an internal air current of the body is often spoken of as the basic animating principle The Aryans thought the world as divided into three levels trilokaThe world was believed to be governed by an abstract impersonal principle called Rita A great primeval sacrifice performed by the gods in which the body of a victim called Purusha was dismembered Hymn to the Supreme Person The cosmic person has a thousand heads a thousand eyes and feet It covers the earth on all sides and extends ten fingerlengths beyondFrom his mind came the moon from his eye the sun Indra and Agni from his mouth the wind came from his breath From his naval came space from his head the sky from his feet earth from his ears the four directions thus the worlds were createdHymn of Creation There was neither nonexistence nor existence then there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond What stirred Where In whose protection Was there water bottomlessdeep There was neither death n
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