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Henry Shiu

Tuesday October 4 2011RLGA01 SIKHISMLecture 04 History of Sikhism Developed in area known as Punjab northwest part of India th Since the 10 century India especially the northern part came under the control of the Muslims th Buddhism in 12 century has been completely extinct in India The Mughal Empire controlled northern and central India from 1526 to 1707 o During the Mughal Empire we see more peaceful coexistence of Hinduism and Islam which gives rise to IndoIslamic culture and architecture such as the Taj Mahal o Sikhism was possible under the Mugal EmpireReligious BackgroundBoth Hinduism and Islam existed though sometimes with conflictsBoth religions share an appreciation for religious devotion and the attainment of mystical states o Hinduism and Islam give great importance with liberation or connection with God thus both religions wanted to gain a state where they can go to get this enlightmentBoth religions recognize the important roles of a spiritual masterIn north India there was something known as Sant TraditionSant referring to similar meanings of saints truth or holy aseticThree elements contributed to the rise of the Sant tradition 1Bhakti or devotional practice 2Tantric yoga 3SufismSant poets such as Namdev Ravidas Kabir created many poems that
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