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Henry Shiu

Tuesday, September 27 , 2011 RLGA01: HINDUISM - Lecture 03 Triloka: means the worlds Our universe is composed of three levels, the level of the world we are living in, Rita is the impersonal principle but very dynamic  Keeps all things in harmony even though things are have dynamic relationships  The reason the earth does not orbit towards the sun is because of Rita  All natural phenomenon are governed by Rita THE CASTE SYSTEM  Purity according to karma Twice Born Groups: the moment you can read the Vedas is considered a birth to a new life Untouchables: is class that is so impure that are not considered part of the caste system  The occupations of the untouchables are usually related to corpses or dead such as fishermen, hunters  They are not allowed in the city and live in rural areas  Dr. Arane recounted that in his childhood that the people in the upper classes shared bread with pigeons and other animals but would not share with the untouchables, therefore they considered the untouchables more beneath than animals Roles for Women  The Laws of Manu gave women low status  Social and religious duty to worship your husband as God  They were denied independence, in the stages of a woman’s life she is subjected the prominent male figure in her life that time (eg: father, husband, sons)  Denied access to the Vedas just like the sudras and the untouchables  They are not even allowed to touch the scripture, if touched it is considered polluting the religion  Certain women were respected however very rare From Laws of Manu: “Where women are honoured, there the gods are pleased; but where they are not honoured, no sacred rite yields rewards.”  Everyone in the society has a dharma to fulfill  If a woman fulfills her dharma then she can be respected and if you don’t respect this woman, you should be condemned Dharmasastra: commentary on the Laws of Manu  The location of birth of an individual indicated that individual’s type of karma  It helps the caste system which in turn maintains the social structure in Hinduism  The doctrine of karma is not caused by deities but by natural outcome just like gravity Four Stages of Life  Hinduism has to do with more the perspective and structure of life than religion  Not every Hindu is able to follow all four stages, however, it is ideal to fulfill all stages  Vedas and Dh
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