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Henry Shiu

Tao • Universal, all encompassing • In expressible, ineffable, • any way that it can expressed is partial, incomplete, not relative Five Classics 1) The classic or Book of Changes (Yijing) 2) The classic of Documents or book of History (Shujing) 3) The classic of odes or book of Poetry (Shijing) 4) The records or book of rites (LiJi) 5) Spring and Autumn Annanals (Chunqui • The 6 the classic of music (Yueji) is now lost • The seminal ides of the philosophy that the west call confunisism come from these • Originated during Zhou dynasty and was standardized in the Han dynasty • Provided both ideology that informed Chinese govt an the framework within which it was implemented at every level for 2000 years • Blueprints for good conduct in family, guidelines for individual moral and spiritual transformation • Ranges from descriptions of deities, ghosts, spirits and the rites performed for them to philosophical explanations of the natural principles underlying these rites • The Book of Rites explains the principles behind rites, their symbolic value, and their efficacy in bringing the ultimate goal of Confunisims • Five classics says that there can’t be harmony in the sate unless there is harmony in the family Confucianism • Ultimate goal: creation of a harmonious society though careful self cultivation not for the sake of self by for the society Confucius/Kong Tzu • First of China’s three foremost classical philosophers • Believed early traditions should not be abandoned • Created analects • Emphasis on Ren • Emphasized the practice of filial piety or devotion Analects • Confucius teachings on strategies required to bring security to the chaotic period • Collection of conversations between Confucius and his disciples • Interviews with feudal rulers of his time Ren • Translated to humaneness, benevolence, compassion, goodness • Ren was used to capture the virtues o respect, liberality, trustworthiness, earnestness and kindness • Effective way to cultivate ren was through carful observance of li—the rites— • Rites means the religious rituals as well as the rules of social etiquette and everyday courtesy Filial Piety • Caring for ones parents • This is explained in the book of rites • Care four ones parents without interfering with responsibility of other relations • Ppl that were filial towards their parents were less likely to argue against superiors creatin
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