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* note one of the weeks Prof Henry Shiuh did not come to class because he was sick, and one of the weeks was when we had written a test, which is why there is ONLY 8 weeks worth of notes as of Nov,13,2012 Religion Lecture Notes Week 1-8 Week 1: Religion Lecture 1 (Hinduism) "Hinduism is the dominant religion of India" problematic terms in the statement: -Hinduism -Religion -India These are not terms that originate from the indigenous words of india. Hindu's never thought of themselves as practising Hinduism (constructed by the westerners) Problems: -Each one of the terms suggests uniformity and consistency that does not actually exist -When we study the religions traditions of he East, we must accustom ourselves to: diversity discontinuity difference -Hindu's never find contrasting ideas to be problematic -Hinduism is one of the most conservative religion -religion that dates back 1000's years ago same belief system that came all the way back then - -The "Hindu" and hence "Hinduism" are of persia origin from around the 12th century CE. -Persians were not using hinduism to refer to any religion did not have a clear idea of what the indians were practising -"sanatana dharma" means "eternal law"
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