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*Condensed!* RLGA02 Lecture 1

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David Perley

LECTURE 01 - INTRODUCTION Slide 1-3 - Views of one tradition develop when their compared to other peoples’ traditions - Polytheism is the worship of numerous Gods o idea derived from monotheistic (1 God) traditions - -theism terms not scholarly terms - Goal of the course: objective study of religion - Focus of this course: discussions concerning divine beings throughout history, how did humans from past & contemporary time behave due to having taken a religion (ie. given belief X, people behave in ways A,B,C etc..) - Religion is.. o Belief structure, aka dogma: a set of beliefs that people expect other people to believe in without thinking about them o Laid-out principles/rulings - There is authority establishing this dogma (ex. God) Slide 4 Religion: The Term Itself - general definition: (1) the belief in God o ex. Islam: Allah o not fully comprehensive o God completely beyond scope of human being - superhuman definition: (2) belief in a superhuman being; “super” as in beyond normal human characteristics o ex. Buddhism: Buddha Slide 5 Tradition - Definition: a belief, principle or way of acting which people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time (Cambridge) - “Tradition” doesn’t simply refer to Judaism, Christianity or Islam in its entirety; more specific than just referring to a certain faith as a whole, because within a tradition, there are a lot of ongoings - Role of interpretation - Definition: the
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