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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - RLGA02

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Religion – Lecture 2  When Abraham was striking up a deal with God o Bargain: Worship properly o God’s duty: promised a painful death, so when his time comes he’s not going to have disease or experience discomfort  When Christian Islamic tradition developing we have a focus on individual souls – actions that we’ve done in life and where those actions take us after to die  The focus on the Abraham story is what we do now in this world and rewards for following God’s commandments are here; no focus on heaven and hell JUDAISM: DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION  Jewish traditions is diverse o Can be an orthodox Jew – have problems with having females ordained as rabbis o liberal Jew – no problems with having females ordained as rabbis o the word does not automatically presume some religious connotation; a person might identify themselves jewish but not go to the temple, synagogue and not participate in the traditions  they are identifying their ethnic background = secular  monotheism o nature of a divine being o divine being interacts with us o islam early history of itself sets the stage for the arrival of Mohammad by saying Mohammad walks into a scenario where everybody is practicing a God of wealth, a God of health, a tribal God, regional God depending on the situation o the way the Islamic tradition believes is to rewrote that policy: we don’t need all those different Gods, we have one and can completely manage everything o many different gods = polytheism o monotheism does not makes sense without comparing it to polytheism, makes it different  When we turn to these stories in the Hebrew Bible, God is demanding the attention of the key figures of these stories o Abraham: God is saying I want an exclusive contract with you – forget the other Gods, you worshipping me, and I will take care of everything you need o Other God’s may be out there, but they are inferior o Monotheism is NOT THAT, scholars call it henotheism o By the time Christianity developed, its monotheism, its that the other traditions are actually not worshipping real God’s at all and absolutely when we get to Islam, its locked in that that is what monotheism is o Idolatry is another word for polytheism, but the judgment is already rendered  Worshipping something empty  Torah o Very flexible word, lots of different context in which a word means different things o Law of Moses: the 5 books of Moses (Jew’s call it the Hebrew bible, Christians call it the Old Testament) o 5 books of Moses 1. Genesis 2. Exodus 3. Leviticus 4. Numbers 5. Deuteronomy o A way of life, a set of rules o Refers to the stories, not just laws but also examples o Sacred history of the tradition o Text o Orthodox this is the history of the people o Scholars people might believe in these stories, but we’re looking at them as sacred narratives  If you describe yourself as apocalyptic it means you think the situation here is so bad, evil is completely winning the battle especially again in the first century when we think about the Roman occupancy in Jerusalem  An apocalyptic person is someone w
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