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RLGA02 - lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Lecture 5 – RLGA02  Apocalpyse – in class definition: the end of an era - Armageddon “war to end all wars” - Textbook: end of the world - A revelation, unveiling, and vision  Apocalyptic traditions: - Visionary traditions - Concerned with messiah - By the third century BCE there are no kings - Distinguish between king and messiah? - Messiah = „annointed one‟ (special designation) = „cosmic savior from sia‟ - Need to repent, reflect on actions and change your ways, don‟t know when messiah will come - Wicked = destroyed and death as punishment - Good = reward is life  The kingly line dies out, but the hope for a king doesn‟t go away  return of the messiah that will bring back justice, punish the wicked  till desire for the removal of evil = messianic hopes  The theme of reward and obedience (positive) and the negative things that come out of disobedience  There are clear destructive component in the apocalyptic traditions  People who are expressing the messianic hopes are destroyed  Temple is destroyed at 70 CE but rabbinical traditions continue  Jesus dies around 33 CE  Christians see Jesus as a pivotal moment in history – look back in the tradition – see in Isaiah and that the vision of the messiah is of Jesus  Jews don‟t believe that Jesus is the Messiah  As Christianity develops messiah  Christ is more of a cosmic universal savior, saving us from sin  Not a matter of life or death, matter of eternal life - Heaven and hell as a more substantial idea of reward and punishment - Paradise = eternal life - In HB bible talk about eternal like as gehenna  shadow (not much = to do in death, better to live)  Eschatology is concerned with the end times - There is a moment in the future where the world is completely gone and you either go to heaven or hell  Christianity in which we start realizing that our deeds will be assessed and will determine where we will end up in the afterlife  Jesus was considered to be a rebel in the time, he wasn‟t accepted as the messiah  politically explosive - If you got a little too political they arrested you  crucifixion - Perceived as some kind of threat  Jesus = mosaic - Little piece of things that go together that make up a
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