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Lecture 3

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David Perley

Religion Lecture 3 notes  Torah – oral, written, Hebrew bible 1. In its most general sense  God’s guidance/laws 2. Slightly more specific  The scriptures and commentaries 3. Hebrew bible and or 5 books of Moses  Words have different meanings – polynemous o In the beginning was the word – John o Jesus has a divine nature, so he’s at the initial stage, he’s coexistent  The world of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs o Patriarchs – Father (mostly stories about patriarchs) o Matriarchs – Mother o Abraham is considered the first patriarch  Name is abram at first and then changed to Abraham due to role chane  God’s asking Abraham to follow the covenant (circumcision)  Asking for an exclusive relationship (only worship one god)  Initially not saying that all other gods are false  Monotheism – one god exists  Monolatry – worshipping 1 gods, but others exist  During abraham’s period, god asks him to worship him due to superiority  Symbolic of exclusive relationship – circumsicion as “signing” the contract  Abraham – Hagar is mistress o Sarah is the wife o Isaac -> hebrew linieage o Has a son named Jacob  Abraham needs to sacrifice Isaac due to God’s orders  When doing so, a Ram appears from the bushes to be sacrificed instead (it was just a test)  Obedience of Abraham leads to gain of wealth/land o Ishmael – Arabs o Was used for sacrifice instead  Jacob (“Israel”) - Israelites - Has dreams of God approaching him - He gets into a fight with an “angel” “spirit” by doing this he gets his new name “Israel” meaning struggle - While he gets a new name the name “Israelites” forms and becomes the name of community - Identity and land are tied together - Israelites settle in Caanann (what is now Israel) - Jacob’s son o Joseph - Egypt – singled out as a special individual - Has the ability of special dreams/visions - Becomes friends with the pharaoh - Israel goes through a famine - Willing to help his family by inviting them over to Egypt in order to come over the famine - Joseph’s story is like “getting them into Egypt”  Sacred History - Moses and the law o Indentured servants o Working to pay off the “debt” o Moses sees a worker whipping a servant, stands up to him, and leaves because he’s no longer wanted, and causes a bad reputation  Key experiences 1. Burning bush  Receptical of interacting with god  Not being consumed by the fire allows it to be divine  It’s like a miracle  “I am that I am”  “taboo” of using certain names of “god”  Instructed to go free the jews by approaching the Pharoah  Refuses and explains how poor of a public speaker he is
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