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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Religion Lecture 2 Notes - “Afterlife” – western religions - Might call upon different gods or dieties depending on a certain function - Doctrines are based on interpretation not solely on facts that are just presented - Religion is not just a set of beliefs/doctrines - When it comes to religion, you do it not just think about it - There’s an intellectual component as well as hands on. - Essential component – social – idea of community - Religion as an individual set of rules but you’re not religious without a community - Individual spirituality is followed by being social - Morality – If I don’t have religion I can’t be moral? - Atheists can’t be moral? Incorrect - Focus is a human context not a divinity  Scriptures  Rituals  Ideas/symbols  Artifacts  Published -> oral presentation - History is the creation of the scholar’s imagination Judaism: definition and classification  Diversity – jewish traditions - Inherent diversity; comes on lots of levels - Earliest jewish traditions is tied into agriculture – Abrahamic times  Ancient Israelite religion – linked to the temple - 70 CE romans completely destroyed temple - Monolithic – no difference or diversity  Rabbinical tradition - Intstpretation is the fuel - 21 century -> orthodox jews  Being jewish - May be secular - Does not define religion - May be ethnically/culturally jewish but not religiously  Monotheism - Love ONE god - “Yahweh” - Monolatry – as long as people exclusively follow one God even though the others may be real - Reject polytheism  Torah – refers to different things - Hebrew Bible -> 5 books of Moses - Refer to all literature that has been interpreted in Judaism - Living life according to Torah – in terms meaning intellectual and spiritual context  Revelation -> exchange/interaction between prophets - “law” - Prophet – “scribe”- acting as a receptical of message not creator - God participates in our lives in different moments by transmitting knowledge to different people - Hebrew bible/bible – chronological order - Stories where God participates in our history  Prophets -> Moses - No clear evidence of the existence of Moses and Abraham – Legend
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