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Lecture 3

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David Perley

LECTURE 3 - Rubinical traditional emerges after destruction of first temple - Rubinical Judaism is the Judaism we see today - Why Abraham is considered the first Hebrew patriarch? o Renewing a new agreement o To be a patriarch: fatherly connotation, concrete example/prototype o Abraham was supposed to represent the typical Jewish behave in a certain way, then here’s the things that will result from it (he’s a prototype) o Abraham and Sarah have been trying to get children but it wasn’t successful...but has a child with Hagar (second wife) o Sarah has child named Isaac o God requests that Abraham sacrifices his son but then Isaac is the son that is up for sacrifice o This was God’s test to see if he would do it or not o Abraham is an example of a monotheist - These stories are forcing people to think...there’s an educational component to this - People are looking at these stories and are trying to make sense of them - Isaac is born through Sarah - Isaac is believed to be the father of the Jews and Ishmael the father of the Arabs :S or Europe’s - Jacob who struggles with god - Jewish publication society (on the internet for more stories) - As Jacob’s leaving the land of kingdom to go on an adventure he sees an angel and a stairway to heaven like an’s holy. The theme here is that there is a transaction between the divine and human - Israel is not just his also represents his group/tribe - Joseph is Jacob’s son - Joseph is sold into slavery since he was chosen as the special child and his siblings didn’t like that - He was sent to Egypt - The chronology in the Hebrew bible is very important - God knows what’s going to happen from one moment to the next - Moses is one of the labourers in Egypt - He gets upset one day because one of the soldiers were rude so he kills the soldier - So he leaves and wanders around because he’s scared (God is aware that he’s wandering) - This allowed Moses to encounter god in a very intimate and close scenario in order to convince Moses that he needs to leave his people and return to Egypt and actually attempt to free them - So god speaks to Moses through a bush that burns without getting burnt...saying he needs Moses to go back to go back to Egypt to free God’s people....God is concerned about this particular people - Moses says no - God convinces him - Moses reason is because he’s a terrible public speaker so eh won’t be able to convince anyone - He has many other reasons but that’s just one - God says that “Iam/IwillbewhoIwillBe sent you” when they ask who told Moses that - Orthodox Jews even now don’t write the full word GOD - They don’t write down sacred names - It would seem like we’ve done something to they don’t write it down for that reason - The name of god is deemed so sacred so we have to be careful when we use the name - Moses eventually accepts his role - If you’re chosen to be a prophet then you’re pretty close to perfect - People wanted to make sure Moses was not a divine being - Moses goes back to Egypt and tells them about the mandate and that they will be rewarded if they follow and punished if not - He heartens the heart of the pharaoh means that the pharaoh will refuse Moses no matter what - Moses warns the Pharaoh that the plague/messenger of death will come down and take all of the Egyptian first born sons but it doesn’t convince the Pharaoh - Messenger of death=god and is sent as part of god’s judgement - The messenger of death comes down as some sort of sacred heavenly being and kills the first born Egyptian sons - Devastates the pharaoh - They’re allowed to leave and pharaoh chases them again and then they escape and are free - They wander the dessert for 40 years to find the holy land, Israel - Moses and the Hebrews are now wandering the dessert - Moses continues to get instructions about how these people are actually going to exist - God gives instructions to to build something like a portable to perform rituals and what n
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