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David Perley

LECTURE 4 - Temple’s destroyed in 70 CE, a major place for centralizing for Judaism disappears - Northern kingdom is run over and the 10 tribes from it are dispersed and we don’t know what happened to them - It could have been a similar situation in the south - The priests are unemployed - So in rabbinical Judaism there are things that can no longer be practiced than rather a way to substitute new practices to substitutes for the old - Not only is Judaism is struggling to negotiate its identity but so were Christians - Rabbis- facilitators of the faith - Revelation (when god stops sending prophets) - Midrash- work of the Rabbis - Midrash: activity of interpretation of revealed or sacred scriptures - Torah (Jew): god’s laws - Read the Torah: read the 5 books of Moses - Torah has different meanings - Oral Torah: recorded and memorized material/oral text/taught to other people/ no actual written document - Mishnah: written version of this oral tradition o The Rabbis used Mishnah to look back at the text/interpretation of Hebrew Bible o Codification of the Mishnah: First activity/major work of Rabbinical Judaism - Babylonian Talmud is the more standardized version - Don’t need to know Gamara - Hebrew bible: 5 books of Moses, Tanak, Prophets/Writings, main source for Rabbinical Judaism st - Then we got floating around up until 1 century CE an oral tradition that gets compiled by 200 CE which is called the Mishnah - Torah is primarily written in Hebrew - Talmud is written in a combination of Hebrew and Aramaic - Menorah may be a term on the quiz o 7 candle stick holders o A temple item o Judaism in ancient timesMenorah would be a good way to represent it o 8 candle holders hannakiah is connected to the menorah o The miracle of the 8 days o Star of david in the Hannakiah - Important dates: nd o Destruction of 2 temple : 70 CE o After Babylonian exile, Jews were allowed to return back to their homelan
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