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Lecture 6

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David Perley

LECTURE 6 - Gospels=good news/ god’s spell - Paul’s letters come first according to scholars - Mark (Winged Lion) o Saviour of the Gentiles (not simply a Jew) o 65-70 CE o Apocalyptic urgency  We have to repent because the end is coming soon  Paul was anxious as well o First according to scholars o Wing=heavenly, lion=dessertgospel of Mark opens in the dessert o Scholars believe that Mark is Peter’s disciple o Scholars believe that the gospel of mark came from a variety of sources o In the gospel, Jesus has a prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem because Jesus actually dies before 70 CE, the destruction of the temple. Therefore scholars may think that this gospel was written after the destruction of the temple but then in the gospel, the story is written that Jesus knows/foresees the destruction - Matthew (winged angel) o Winged= heavenly, angel=angel notifies Mary that she’s going to give birth to Jesus o Promised messiah of Israel  The messiah in the sense that Judaism thinks of messiahs o 75-80 CE o Supreme teacher of torah o Contains a lot of Mark’s narratives and also contains additional narratives that emphasizes Jesus’s divine nature and his supernatural powers o Jesus: master of the Torah - Luke (winged ox) o Winged=heavenly, ox=animal of sacrifice in temples o 85 CE o Saviour of the gentiles (non-jews)  Luke mentions that Jesus and his disciples are innocent of any crime against Rome (social-politically very important) o Concern for poor, women, outcasts o “Luke-acts” (another book in the new testament and scholars typically think the authors of Luke were also the authors of acts) o Church= continuation of life of Jesus - John (Eagle) o Eagle=majestic b ird, fly high close to heaven, heavenly animal o 90-100 CE o Jesus as eternal divine son of god o Not “synoptic” o Doesn’t talk about what Jesus did and said himself but more about his nature and who he is o Incarnation - Paul’s letters 50-60 CE - So Jesus dies around 30 CE - Consensus: o 1) Bith~4 BCE; raised in Nazareth; brother James pivotal in early church (50’s and 60’s CE) o 2) The baptism of
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