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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 notes

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David Perley

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Sufism • Sufism could be referred to as the mystical sense of a tradition • The tradition itself traces itself back to time of the prophets ( not really anything before 9CE) • Suni and shiu Sufism are the 2 types • Sufism has not been accepted in some areas of Islam • Muhammad is the model for Sufism • Sufi’s find the Qu’ran very important • The story: knocks on the door of his friends door…. • In Islam Suf’s are characterized of being extreme Sufism Continued • A master is someone who knows the path and has experience • The master needs to know that the students believe and trust in him and will follow him • Sufis are also referred to know as the “wirling …..” • Rumi is a pivotal founder; he has reached global recognition • A sufi i
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