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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

World Religion II Lecture One  David Perley: email: [email protected], office hours: Mondays 1pm at HW431 or appointment or virtual office ours through  Religion: shapes our behavior, thinking, ways of judging other things/ or people in our life, a set of beliefs and practices followed by specific group of people  Has a direct connection to one’s identity, ethnicity and beliefs.  Ideology: set of structures of how we experience the world.  How man thinks he should revere to god.  Different ways of showing faithfulness to god or Higher beings.  Connection to ultimate reality and truth of the world.  God: ultimate reality.  In some religion people wants to be connected to a higher power.  Religion: retying, reconnecting with something  Religion: English word but evolved from Latin.  The idea that English may have about religion, others may have a different views  Religion is not an internal thing, but the responsibilities are far beyond, belief in God, an ethical handbook  English word: religion is connected to what religion really is.  Classic ways: way of life.  Din: is too limited of an idea in terms of thinking globally.  Way of life is really something that would encompass the world.  The idea of afterlife, and what are the do’s and don’t we must follow while living.  Not always something rationalized and cognitive concept. Sometimes there’s no moral code or ethical books for example Shinto.  Sometimes we affiliate religion with certain texts.  Christian religions highly believed that if there’s no text, there’s no religion. But the belied has changed over time.  Why the various definitions: human beings are different, and some of the assumptions are human made. The diversity of human beings creates various definitions  Hans Penner: practices and expressions based on belief in superhuman beings Superhuman beings = God/ exceptional human beings. Many of the Buddha stories qualifies God as exceptional human beings.--> Messiah, Prophet the most excellent human being, Christ.  Sikhism: have practices based of superhuman. Mystical beyond the human nature. The example of Guru Nanak  Atheism, Confucianism: is this a religion? But Confucianism has the ideal of human being.  Superhuman and batman: batman is human beings mostly, but superhuman has something exceptional in them.  Quiz (In class February 11) – 30%  Summary-review assignment 4-5 pages double-spaces; due on March 4 , 20%  participation 10%  Final exam (Scheduled by the Registrar 40%  Core questions: what is a tradition? Or, what makes a person, practice, or belief not a part of a
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