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Lecture 10

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David Perley

RLGA02: Lecture – 10  RLGB10, RLGC13, RLGC14 – never take these course [taught by Perley]  Mysticism: mystics- relationship with the divine, seeking some sort of connection or union between the God and the individual, sometimes they might be radical, the only existence is there is God, puts emphasis or directness, losing connection with the world.  Sufism as an example of mysticism- might have been raised in a family of what it means to be a Muslims, and another might not be. Innovation – something that has been added on to the tradition and not seen as the authentic part of the tradition. The Sufi’s are legal experts of spirituality, athletic and such. The suf’s will trace Quranic passages and connect it the idea of God is everywhere and all knowing. Sufi interpretation – everywhere you look god is there but we don’t have the power to be aware of it [being asleep]. Sufism is banned in the contemporary world in some parts of the world. Mohammad becomes models for all the people but also the most perfect of the Sufi. We have prophets and are certainly someone who has prestigious connections and reputations. For the sufi tradition, friends of God is the idea of the “saints”. The prophets doesn’t have the same authority. The whole idea of heavenly tradition enact to the night journey.  Night journey- “wool” asceticism. Meditations.  “Heart of Islam”  Friends of God:  Esoteric interpretation of the Qur’an  EX: [2:115] to God belongs the east and the west; whether you go there will be the presence of God. God is omnipresent, Omniscient.  Muhammad and night journey prototype  Sufism continued: Fana and Baqa : roughly translate it as annihilation and subsistence. Water is our ego – temptation of what we like and dislike, Illusions.  First empty ourselves out of bad things then get “fulled” with the divine. Emptying/filling  Al-Mallaj – was executed for radical views, within the tradition, some of the Sufi’s are radical. And gets charged with heresy. [One of the Sufi’s]  “I am Al-Haqq!” He’s claiming an identity with the divine. – this leads to monotheism. Associating god with something specific – it’s a big no. – its too radical.  The roots of the Sufi path of love – start one way then ending with a different way that would make them a better person.  Master- student relation,- lessons, activity, meditations, the master has to full the student to the realization in order to do that the student has to be willing to surrender themselves to the masters. Maulawiya/ Mevlevi - Rumi (1207-1273)- highest selling English poetry, Rumi’s works are very popul
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