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Religion 20/03/2012 5:32:00 AM Jihad: struggle in an external way In sufi tradition; inner struggle of each individual to live up to the expectations of god (temptation; physical) ^spiritual sense; inner struggle The Qur’an: Oral (recited) and written Arabic as a devine/sacred language; preliminary importance Polemics: refute other traditions Apologetics: defending religion at the expense of another Allah; same god as in Judaism and Christianity ^seen as a continuation of the tradition completion= perfection; earlier revelations were corrupted over time and hence the need for another one (islam develops Qur’an) meta-textual self referential; qualifies itself as the perfect book Qur’an is argumentative; takes other perspectives into account and argues it (technically arguing itself) Qur’an is exhortative; pushing others to change, sense of urgency (similar to th th/10th Christianity) to repent sins as soon as possible 7 ce spreads into 9 heavenly tablet exists to secure the authority rd Qur’an finished by time
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