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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

RLGA02 Lecture 2 January, 14 , 2013 Topic: The Ancient Context; Judaism: The Hebrew Bible and Sacred History  Agenda - complete review of syllabus - the “ten waves” > think, pair, share (5mins) - ancient religions > the essentials - judaism: sacred history, revelation, and narrative >diversity >Hebrew bible >sacred history *genesis: creation stories *Abraham *moses and the law *kings, kingdoms and temple Judaism *exile and captivity *facilitated study group days: noon-1 and 2-3 in AC 219 quiz on Judaism and christianity, short essay questions focused of topics *3-4 main themes to study for, study quide for quiz, upto first lecture of christianity final exam: Judaism, Christianity and islam *become comparative in final exam  the “10 waves” and ancient religion (not on quiz or exam) *waves=influx of information, waves hitting shore take sand and replace it with sand from somewhere else, movement of objects. Fluidity>identity, movement in ideas, peak and troughs represent popularity, represents change, tide of danger, represents ideas - fact, theory and interpretation - the English word “religion” - community *below: chapter 2 - ritual - myth - death and afterlife (Abraham= get our rewards here, Christianity and islam, actions and where they take us)  Judaism (definition and classification) - Diversity (orthodox, liberal) - Being jewish (by culture or by tradition) - Monotheism (one singular being vs. polytheism) >exists in comparison to polytheistic religions >Hebrew bible: god is demanding attention of key figures, god is asking a exclusive relationship (henotheism= belief in one god without denying the existence of others, idolatry=polytheism (already believed that its an idol) - Torah/5 books of moses/old testament (Christians)
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