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Lecture 2

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David Perley

RLGA02- Lecture 2 The 10 Waves and Ancient Religion - not going to be on the exam/quiz --> but there are still themes that can be applied to JCI - e.g. myths - drive people's actions/beliefs - death and the afterlife -focus and concern on the afterlife -idea that takes time - e.g. Abraham's deal with God - part of the contract was a less painful death (no diseases or discomfort) - rewards of following commandments - benefits are NOW and not after death - C and I - individual souls - benefits after death 10 waves - wave metaphor -talks about fluidity of religions - transform from one thing to another - waves are like ideas - wave peaks - ascending/descending points - constant recycling of elements - dangerous? --> overemphasizes change - religion is mostly constant throughout time - waves make us remember the good and bad things of it - waves have currents, surface, momentum JUDAISM Diversity and being Jewish - being diverse means that you can be an Orthodox/Liberal - but both people would consider themselves Jewish - the word doesn't necessarily connotates being religious - it more defines an ethnic background - majority of Jews are secular - US and Israel Monotheism - the nature of a "divine" being - suspicious of terminologies - e.g. "mono" --> one divine being that interacts with us, one entity - Islam - Muhammed rewrote policies on having different gods - History - God demands the attention of all the key figures with the different figures (exclusive relationship) - "only me" - inference that the other gods are not as good, he
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