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Religion Notes Judaism Terms Definitions Additional Notes Bar Mitzvah/ Bat Mitzvah The coming of age ceremonies for Jewish teenagers, occurs during their thirteenth birthday. They are required to read two selections from the Hebrew Bible: Pentateuch and Prophets. Pentateuch The five books of Moses, which Relate to the theme of make up the first section of the Language: oral and written texts Hebrew Bible. The five books are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Sabbath The Jewish day of rest, it is the Jewish day for prayer and public assembly in the Synagogue. The Bar Mitzvah takes place during the Sabbath. Berith The Hebrew term for the Covenant. Connects to the theme of The covenant meaning, contract, Reward and Punishment specifically the covenant formed i.e. theme of Obedience, where with God and the Abraham, then God tests Abraham's faith. Jacob and Moses and the People of The rewards for his faith are: Israel. offspring and a homeland, the The Covenant is designed to assurance of a long life and instruct the people of God on how peaceful death. to behave. Where God promises Abraham's descendants will have the land of Canaan. Septuagint (from the Latin for The story of seventy scholars, who Connect to the theme of Seventy) worked independently, by a miracle language. produced identical drafts of the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek. The Greek bible brought the community a new set of cultural expectations. The original three sections of the Hebrew bible was taken and rearranged into four genres: Law, History, Poetry and Prophecy. Eschatology From the Greek for "study of the Connect to the theme of end" Reward and punishment i.e. A genre of Jewish literature that remaining true to the Torah, emerged in the later prophetic one will be granted everlasting books and flourished in the life as oppose to who persecute Hellenistic era them are punished. Midrash Meaning interpretation or Connected to the concept of commentary. The Midrash is the language, oral, and commentary on the scriptures. interpretation. Mishnah A major works brought by the Connected to the theme of Rabbinic movement, a form of an Language, oral and written oral tradition, written down and texts. codified. The Mishnah is one part of the Talmud. Seder The family meal that takes place during the Passover celebration. Tefillin Traditional prayer garbs worn by men on weekdays; small black leather boxes, also called phylacteries, containing words of scripture, tied to the forehead and forearm by leather thongs. Christianity Excommunication Formal expulsion from the The significance is that Marcion, Church whom took Paul's ideas and contrasts the Old Testament and the New. He establishes this belief that the Demiurge is a stern and fearsome, capricious and despotic and cruel. Indulgences Releases from specified amounts Sale of indulgences. Getting out of time in purgatory, a realm to of purgatory. Corruption of the which in Catholic doctrine the Catholic Church. Emergence of soul proceeds after death for an Martin Luther and unspecified period of Protestantism. Radical preparation to enter heaven. reformation. Glossolalia Speaking in strange tongues, which is a principal feature of charismatic behavior. Transubstantiation The Catholic doctrine that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are at the moment of consecration in the service miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Christ. Eucharist The sacrament in which believers consume consecrated bread and wine in commemoration of the Last Supper as the re-enactment of Christ's sacrifice. Nicene Creed Nicene Creed- An ancient Nicene Creed is more specific doctrinal formulation longer and about the two texts; we see more explicit than the Apostles’ that the Nicene Creed is more Creed and still in the use through regular recitation in the catholic specific about the Holy Spirit and more inclined to mention mass t
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