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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Lecture 3thJanuary 24 2013JudaismBeing Jewish can be religious or an individual identifying themselves as their ethnic backgroundMonotheism Only one God oIn Abraham covenantsGod wants an exclusive contract with himbut no exclusive evidence that identitys there is only oneGodhe only states he wants Abraham only worshipping himbut he does imply them as inferior Hebrew BibleNarratives that really influencedshaped people and culturesWestern traditionslinear story Judaism Islam ChristianityGod is active participant in all events oGod will interject help out etc or give messages to prophetsSuccessfailureoGod is proud of us we follow his guidelines his rulesthen we failGod punishes us and then sets it back up againoRepeatTanakhoTorah LawA way of life Gods will or the Pentateuch the 5 Books of Moses or as the Hebrew bible itself oMoses given authorship Classic stories oNeviim ProphetsWarning people to straighten things out intermediate bw GodHis peopleExhortation Gods warning or caution oKetuvim WritingsCodified Torah 200 BCE everything 90 BCEoOral tradition before codification Oral tradition Talmud Rabbis use for interpretation Exhortation Warning that we need to shape upfigure things out Torah Can refer to the whole Hebrew Bible the 5 Books of Moses or a way of lifeSacred History Idea of a promise land rewards successfailure Creation Story 2 accounts1Cosmic Creates order out of chaos aSeparates light and darkness water from earthbBy thinking of an action or ideasits actually created in the world2Creation God actually created world
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