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David Perley

Judaism o Torah is used for written and oral scripture o the commandments were taught orally before they were written downo Hashem Jewish god told Moses what to write from the torah word by word and he also taught Moses details of the law and all the concepts related to it o You cannot fulfill the commandments of the torah without they oral torah because they oral torah has details that must be knows o The written torah is like brief notes but the oral torah is what gives the whole context of the oral torah meaning that it explains in detail the written torah o The written torah is the old testament it is basically they whole body of the Jewish laws and their teachings o The torah is the first 5 books of Moses o The oral torah is called the TALMUD o There are two Talmuds the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud o the Talmud is not easy to readChristianity y Oral Tradititiono oral traditions that the evangelists drew on were transmitted by word of mouth for decades y TheGospels o Four gospels present the different narratives o The four gospels talks about how Jesus lead a group of disciples
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