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lecture 5

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LECTURE 5The very beginnings of Christianity take place absolutely in the context of JudaismThe time of Jesus first century CE common era the land of Israel is part of the Roman empireApocalypse absolute final thingunveilingrevelationApocalyptic sentiment desperate hope that someone like a Messiah will help them out in a difficult situation o Important for understanding Judaism at the time o Christianity emerges as an apocalyptic movement within Judaism The end time in an apocalypse is always the beginning time of something elsePrimary sources of how we know how Jesus mightve been are Gospelso Book that is considered a holy textWhy would a religion retain all 4 stories of the life of Jesus It gives us the best wellrounded picture of who this person might be o Importance of each of the gospels is that each one is tied to eyewitness account or some sort of eyewitness experienceMosaic portrait of Jesus what jesus is made up of different interpretations to create the picture of theJesus we knowSo early Christians wouldve thought that one particular text wasnt enough to define Jesus so they had more The 4 GospelsChristianity involves 2 commandments love for god and love for human beingsIn Christianity the notion of messiah developed somewhat o Not only is the messiah a political or social ruler that comes and writes wrongs but now we have the idea of a kingdomthe place that the messiah rules over is a bit bigger than simply the local geographic place and Jesus comes to be known as more of like a cosmic saviour not just a localized provincial saviour o Spiritual kingdomThe divine is not simply and only an absolute force that is the creatorthe life giver and all that sort of thing but god actually participates in the world in a much more radical sense through the person of JesusJesus is divine and humanJesus is simultaneously fully divine and simultaneously fully human o Its a mysteryJesus was raised in the Jewish contextSo hes portrayed in the Gospels as simultaneously participating in the tradition but also a bit of a radical thinkerChristianity is a missionary religion o Theres something about its message that it wants to broadcast o Spreading the message and watching the numbers grow o Numbers grow fulfilling gods purposeNumberpowermore people doing gods willmore support for your own perspectiveIf it keeps growing then people will believe that its true
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