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Lecture 2

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David Perley

Lecture 2 Slide 1 Agenda for January 17Complete our review of the syllabus The Ten WavesThink Pair Share 5 minutesAncient Religionsthe essentialsJUDAISM Sacred History Revelation and NarrativeDIVERSITY HEBREW BIBLE SACRED HISTORY GENESIS CREATION STORIES ABRAHAM MOSES AND THE LAW KINGS KINGDOMS AND TEMPLE JUDAISM EXILE AND CAPTIVITYSlide 2 The 10 Waves and Ancient ReligionFact theory and interpretationThe English word religionCommunityRitualMythDeath and Afterlife Waves metaphor Each wave that breaks on the shore in way brings new sand but then drags out old sand back out The idea of traditions as being fluid and not staticThus any tradition that we pick at any particular time is always some combination of things in the past and reconfigurations new things that that traditions at that time has integratedInterferences patterns in waves when they hit each other ripple affects Think of origins of religionsorigin of wavesThere is no one origin of wave religion that hits the shores its all these different waves that have resulted in the final wave that has washed up onto the shore Dont want to think that the ten waves progressed in a linear fashion So its about the ten ways of being religiousMetaphoris a complicated array of phenomena thus a wave metaphor would be the best to represent this complicating conceptfluidly is key hereJust thinking of fluidly is too restricted Magic of water is soft but also killsit is incrediblypowerful at othertimesWater is subtle but can be powerful water droplets on a rock over several years can put a hole in a rock Yes waves are intermingled and fluid but they can also be crashing in an be quite violentReflects how religious of progressed and developed sometimes there is these fluid transitions while sometimes there are far more abrupt sudden changesand transitions Adapting If we just think about the fluidly we miss out on this idea that it takes that shape of whatever vessel it is put into So its fluidity is its adaptabilityit sort of adapts to the timeWater has this balance to itits also this hard thing and this soft thingTsunamiscan be devastating but its life sustaining were made from water and we need it to surviveAncient Religions Afterlifewhat happens to us once we dieSome scholar suggest that the concern about the afterlife was the initial trigger for religious ritualsway back like in prehistoryHistorical scholars suggest that it was triggered because once relatives died we would have a conversation with them in our dreams and so that may have made some believe in afterlifeAfterlifebelief in sprits or life something seems to go on after lifeTheologykey component in religionsis the study of GODA lot about religion is the interpretation of that scriptureWhen people are religious is not just about the religious state of mind it its about doing thingscommandments
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