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Lecture 3

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David Perley

Lecture 3RLGA02 Slide 1 Agenda for Jan 24Finish discussion of Hebrew bible storiesSecond temple JudaismRabbinical JudaismRevelation and interpretation TORAHWritten TORAH is the Hebrew Bible that we know however the tradition also believes that Moses kept talking and teaching them things after and this stuff get written down later Oral TORAH is the In it most general sense of the word TORAH broadest senseSo in general terms a Jew might just say that they live their live according to TORAH and they dont just mean the books they mean Gods guidance and Gods Laws in general not the line in line laws but the idea that god has given us commandments god guides us through our livesSlightly more specific sense of the word TORAHThe Scriptures and Commentaries the why literature in the traditionAn even more specific sense of the word TORAHHebrew Bible ANDOR 5 Books of Moses a person might be specifically referring to the Hebrew bible when they say TORAH and even more specifically the five books of Moses which a sub component of the whole Hebrew BibleA lot of words are Polysemys the coexistence of many possible meanings for a word or phraseSo dont think of a word as referring to one thing exclusively eg TORAH has more than one meaningFirst line of the Hebrew Bible GenesisIn the beginning God created In the beginning was the word Christianity JohnWhat does John mean by the wordHe means Jesus the key point for John or what he is trying to say is that Jesus has a divine nature so he is at the very initial stages of coexistence so like the first thing that kind of happens in the universe the Son For Christian they have the Hebrew Bible their sacred scriptures called the old testament In the first century people in those Christian communities where really familiar with those texts so when they see Jesus arrive and start to have faith in this person Jesus and people like John start view him as the son of god they read back into the Hebrew bible and try to make sense of the stories they had Adam and EveThe act of disobedient eating fruit from the treeThe serpent encourages Eve to eat the fruitIn later traditions the serpent is identified with Satan and when faith based people read this they immediately interpret the serpent as Satan In the Hebrew bible the serpent is just a serpent the trouble maker in the garden but the Christian interpretation of the serpent is Satan Adam and Eve are punished for their disobedience but the serpent is also punished Theme of DisobedienceThis suggests that right away in these stories the themes we need to think about are the idea of the contract that is either fulfilled or broke Another word for contract is covenant or course outlineA contract or covenant relies on obedience so obey and your rewarded and disobey your punishedexile Its not just exile that is their punishment it labour to survive they now have to work work the land They are now mortal they are subjected to time and disease they will have children very unpleasant experience for the women The punishment that Adam and Eve are given and the act that they do is not something that we all in the Jewish tradition have inherited for all time foreverSo the notion of the FALL or this idea that we all of eternal sin of Adam and Eve is a later interpretation of Christianity and IslamSo in Jewish tradition the punishment is dulled out and given to Adam and Eve but God kind of says that its a punishment but he is still going to guide them and help them out and its not going to go on forever and so everyone is not going to inherit the punishment he gave them So they will kind of have their own cycles of reward and punishmentNOAHGeneral sort of the first example of the contactcovenant So Adam and Eve have been exiled punishment Rewardbeing able to go HOME or be in given a home So reward close to God following God were at home and have some safe place versus disobey were punished exiled were like without a home were homeless So Adam and Eve have advanced in time had multiple offspring advance in time to the time of NoahNoah in the story has been sort of singled out So while everything that has been happening God has been watching these people and God observes Noah and put like a checkmark beside his name and says he seems to be quite righteousAt this point in time the whole world has sort of fallen apart and God preserves the world to be just irrevocably permanentlymessed up so
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