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Lecture 04 AGENDA FOR JAN24 FINISH DISCUSSION OF HEBREW BIBLE STORIES SECOND TEMPLE PERIOD RABBINICAL JUDAISM REVELATION AND INTERPRETATION SACRED HISTORY HISTORY, SACRED HISTORY, AND NARRATIVE CREATION STORIES 1. COSMIC: CREATION OF ORDER OUT OF CHAOS 2. ADAM AND EVE GARDEN OF EDEN (TREE OF ?) LATER INTERPRETATION: (P.38) NOAH (COMMONALITY OF FLOOD MYTH IN MESOPOTAMIA)- THEME OF TRADITION? SACRED HISTORY (CONTINUED) THE WORLD OF THE PATRIARCHS AND MATRIARCHS ABRAHAM COVENANT (CIRCUMCISION) DEMYTHOLOGIZING NATURE REWARD/PUNISHMENT ISAAC HEBREW LINEAGE ISHMAEL ARABS JACOB (ISRAEL) ISRAELITES SACRED HISTORY (CONTINUED) MOSES AND THE LAW EGYPT AS STARTING POINT OF EXODUS 2 KEY EXPERIENCES 1. BURNING BUSH 2. MT. SINAI EXODUS TEN COMMANDMENTS ARK OF THE COVENANT PROMISED LAND (CANAAN) STILL IN SACRED HISTORY MODE SECOND TEMPLE ERA MACCABEAN REVOLT (167 BCE) HASMONEAN DYNASTY SECT FORMATION: 1. SADDUCEES 2. PHARISEES 3. ZEALOTS 4. ESSENES ROMANS RECLAIM AREA IN 63 BCE 66CE: REVOLT TEMPLE DESTRUCTION IN 70 CE - Maccabean is a Hebrew nickname for Judah a person who headed the revolt. Judah the hammer. He began or helped to begin a dynasty of Jewish rulers in the region. - Hasmone Dynasty is Jewish. They reclaim the region for a short period of time but the romans take it back about 100 years later. - SECT are specific groups tied to social function, belief. A SECT can really be a result of a variety of things. - Sadducees are related to the priestly sect, or priestly class. The priests are in charge of the ritual. - The Pharisees were legalists (like lawyers, the intellectuals, the scholars that kind of analyzed the torah. To legislate policy based on the torah. More in charge of the doctrines and the ideas.- Zealots (Someone is zealousmeaning someone who goes after something with fervor, a lot of energy, passion). Nowadays may refer to a person who is over the top, so like overzealous. So like too enthusiastic. So they were religiously very enthusiastic. The groups had their own views of how Judaism should be run, how the priests should be running the temple. So zealots pulled themselves out of the society and said this is not good enough. They created their own kind of purified form of the tradition. So politically they would be highly active and very mobile. They contest politically are not happy with things. - Essenes are more like the mystical hermits (somebody who chooses to live alone and to have little or no social contact), they cut themselves off from society and actually inhabited in caves outside of the main areas. Pretty sure that the Dead Sea scroll could have been text connected to the group, the essenes. However we dont know that for sure. The Dead Sea scrolls were found in caves by the Dead Sea. - Within Christian history (or Christian sacred narrative) the Pharisees are seen talked about as being partly responsible for the persecution and arrest of Jesus. However from a historical perspective the Romans killed Jesus, some of the Jews might have helped them to get busted but the whole idea of blaming the Pharisees is part of an early Christian polemic against the Jews. Polemic is an argumentative form of intellectual communication. - The Romans here reclaimed the region in 63BCE. About another 100 years go by and there is another revolt about 66CE. This is when the second temple is completely destroyed. - So when the Romans reclaim the area
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