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David Nieborg

ReligionsWestern Traditions ISLAM Lecture 070809 Arabian PeninsulaPreIslamic PeriodCounterpointA different time before the tradition developsAs a historian from the faith perspective that Muhammad starts to receive revelations from God at age 40As a historian perspective the PreIslamic period is very importantJudaism and Christianity influentialByzantines whom were Christians and Persians whom were Zoroastrians two empires in the PreIslamic periodThe people Muhammad try talk to about Islam were mostly polytheisticScholars talk about prior to Islam there was this cult community of people who gather around to perform religious activities called RamadaThe Merciful is one the names given to God in IslamOne God that represents through the many deities polytheism merging with monotheismFor Muslims the PreIslamic period as a counterpoint there was a certain practices that was practiced in the PreIslamic period but as the tradition develops those practices were rejected and was never practiced There were some practices that were continued but they were justified clear establishment of differenceIslam is not another sect or branch of the religion from the PreIslamic period but a total new faithSacred history within Islam is developed and explains what happened after the tradition has grown in numbersFabricationbuilding something in which we can place things involves not only looking at the past and interpreting to make sense with present but give the present some kind of foundation as wellJILHAYA Islam say that the PreIslam was ignorant of the teachings of Abraham such as monotheism o Muhammad comes to solve this problemThe Abraham myth was preexistent before Islam but people forgot about this period was called Age of IgnoranceAbraham is considered a patriarch the first MuslimIslam sees itself as participating of the earlier traditions Judaism and Christianity Islam basically completes and perfects from the earlier traditionsThe pagan rituals that were practiced prior to Islam were considered the practices based on the teaching of Abraham and his son Ishmael but it was forgotten thus numerous deities and different types of practices pagan followers were not sure what they were actually practicing because they forgotIn the Hebrew Bible Abraham has to sacrifice Isaac his son for God but in Islam Ishmael is the son Abraham was going to sacrifice for GodIsaac was the father of Jacob who eventually becomes the father of the Jews whereas Ishmael becomes the father of ArabsAbraham and Ishmael migrate to Arabian Peninsula and develop the notion of monotheismMuslimsomeone who submits the theory of monotheismMuhammad was very aware of the Hebrew Bible the New Testament and other interpretations of the textsThe Quran is not chronological Biography of Muhammad Sacred BiographyThe picture of Muhammad we have is an Islamic one because scholars dont have any other sourcesThe biography provides an ethical model for Muslims to follow
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