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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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David Perley

st Lecture 6: March 1 , 2011 Mark: -scholars believe earliest written gospel -65-70 CE (within text: Jesus has a prophecy of Jerusalem in ruins foreshadows the destruction of the Temple) -Mark is represented by winged lion (gospel begins in desert, lion = desert) -Was Peters disciple -Scholars believe the Gospel of Mark was based on more than one source -Expresses idea of apocalyptic urgency need for repentance in this lifetime for salvation. Matthew: -75-80 CE -symbolized by winged angel: angel comes to notify Mary she will give birth to Jesus, withi Matthews gospel we get infant Jesus narrative -Jesus as savior of Jews, messiah in sense of Judaism -contains much of Marks narratives and additional material as Jesus as divine with superhuman powers -Jesus as supreme teacher of Torah Luke: -85 CE -symbolized by winged ox: gospel opens in temple (ox is animal of sacrifice within temple) -gospel as savior of gentiles (not only Jews) -unique because of the emphasis Luke portrays Jesus as having on the marginalized of society (poor, women, prostitute, outcasts) -scholars believe authors of the gospel of Luke also authors of Acts -writing presented for roman-greco audience (ie. The story of Jesus being arrested told without blame on Rome) John: -90-100 CE -symbolized as eagle: eagle as soaring spiritual metaphor -Jesus presented as the eternal divine son of God, Word as flesh (Word from Greek word logos to mean all divine purpose) -Different from other 3 gospels; presents events in different sequence: not as much as what Jesus said and did but more on Jesus nature. Jesus being is the teaching
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