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Lecture 8

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David Perley

Lecture 8 Allah is the Arabic word for quranAllah is mentioned in the quranOne misinterpretation is that Allah is a completely different God than those of the Judaism and ChristianityA devoted muslim believes that their God is the same God as the one from Judaism an d ChristianityMessages sent by this god was received by various prophets and the religion was finally completed with the arrival of Prophet Muhammad pbuhSufism has a mystical component to it where it is like a mysteryQuran is the completion of the revelation Islam also developed in a polytheistic community and Prophet Muhammad was aware of these other traditions while preaching his own religionGiven the Quran it is obvious that there is knowledge in the book about other religionsHow the quran came to Prophet Muhammad is described in the Quran itselfThe tradition of islam develops a chronoly of islamIslam was initially spread orallyMuhammad was literlally a preacher in the street who tried to convince peopleIn the end he had several followers so he had a synchronized way of preaching IslamAcademically the book was made 30 years after the prophetThe document that is compiled by uthman is the actual carbon copy of the Quran from heavenThe quran was sent down first then the stories of the prophet and teachingswere written in booksQuran is a text that is not meant to be recite
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