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Lecture 5

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David Perley

Lecture 5 February 15 2011 Christianity is like an apocalyptic where people need to make changes to improve or else something bad will happen over timeThe Gospel is a holy book in the religion of ChristianityThe Gospel can tell you information about Jeses and who he wasThere are several different gospels present more than 4There are 4 versions on the life of Jesus in the GospelsMosaic is a collection of pieces of information that are combined to give complete biography of JesusEach piece in the mosaic is somehow related to each other because they are connected together The early Christians felt that one perspective of Jesus is not enough so they wanted more perspectivesLove For GodHalf of the Ten Commandments deal with how to behave and love God where as the other 5 refer to how to behave and love human beingsChristianity represents the notion that the divine God does not just give life and create the world but he is also physically part of the world and amongst themselvesJesus is simultaneously fully human and fully GodMissionary component Christianity should be visualized as a missionary religionMissionary there is something about the message that it wants to broadcast for example it wants to spread the message to everyone Benefit of missionary is that more people will follow your religion thus having more followers gives you more powerAll Roads lead to Paul Paul is often referred to as the founder of ChristianityPaul and the letters he wrote were so pivotal for forming the early church that you can consider him as the CEO and for getting the religion of the ground Paul is also known for suggesting that Christianity could be a religion for Gentiles it could attract any faith even jewsLanguage of early Christianity is GreekPaul allowed nonChristians into the religionChristiantiy starts of as a sect from Judaism into something different which is now accessible to all peopleChrist As RedeemerJesus is focused less on law and regulations but more on getting your inner state with the right relationship with GodPaul was a little different because he believed that inner faith was more important than outward show and religious practicesPaul stressed more on the daily activities of Jesus and his naturePaul also focuses on the sacrifice that Jesus gives he actually sacrificed himself in attempt to redeem us as sinnersPaul explains that we are all sinners and its okay because God is always listening
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