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Religion Lec 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

RLG Lec 2 02042011 18:22:00 The 10 waves Categories Are they rock solid? What is intended by calling them waves? Misleading Some things are still alive Putting them in numbers alludes that they occur in a specific order sense Waves makes it seem that religion can only go in one way, that they dont intersect Wave as a metaphor: can come and go, can return or re-enter into the picture o Waves roll over and into each other-> fluidity o Superceding Synchrotism o Combination of different elements o Past- present- develops o Christian perspective Bad thing, hybridity Mixing- pollution of something pure Not the way we use it in the academic sense www.notesolution.comPolytheism->superficial word->used by religious people to talk about other religions->sometimes academics use words differently o Cultures or traditions that have multiple gods involved o Hierarchy might be Angels, spirits, etc What connects them is Monotheism o Move away from the pantheon o Judaism One particular god Myth o Point isnt that they are made up stories o Traditions perspective o Narrative (or story) that tells their story o (Religious perspective call it history- sacred history) ->Actually frames their experience of the world ->Provides meaning ->Organizes people into certain classes-groups ->Organizes and manages the gods as well ->Tells origin stories->cosmos where did we come from etc
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