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Lecture 6

RLGA02 - Lecture 6 + 7 (detailed notes)

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David Perley

CONSENSUSinfo we have about Jesus comes from the GospelsBUT scholars never rely heavily on it being valid bc cant guarantee credibility of the source1BIRTHJesus born in 4 BCE Augustus was the emperor of Rome at the time he grew up in Nazareth not in Bethlehem had a brother James who was pivotal in the Jerusalem church2 BAPTISM OF JESUSduring the beginning of his ministry Jesus was baptized by John the BaptistJohn is an apocalyptic preacherJesus asks John to baptize himby doing this Jesus gives John authority and shows that the son of God can be humble3 BAPTIST MESSAGE overlapping with Johns Jesus participates in Johns ministry they may have been cocaptains of a particular group of apocalyptic preachers or even been in competition 4 FOLLOWERS Fishermen Women Farmershis followersaudience were fishermen farmers women in general ordinary working people5 PUBLIC MINISTRY 3 yrs his ministry was only 13 years oldshort explosive career6 MINISTRY Arouses Suspicion7 Fulfillment of Messianic Prophecy and Confrontation at Temple8 LAST SUPPER ARREST CHARGED with TREASON he was arrested evidence in books of RomeThe Last Supperthere was some kind of final meeting with instructions given9 CRUCIFIXION 3033 CEcrucified by the Romanscross was labeled Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jewsfollowers are convinced that 3 days later he physically rose from the dead met with his disciples and ascended into heavenEARLY FORMATION OF CHRISTIANITY from the earliest times Christianity was a missionary religionTRANSLATION in the earlier tradition was really imp for its successas they moved documents were translated th with the establishment of an official church in the 5 CE the Bible was translated into Latinby the time of Luthertranslation is at the heart of Protestant Reformation Luther translates Bible into GermanISRAELMEDITERRANEANROMAN EMPIREbirth place of Christianity was ISRAEL
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