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David Perley

RLGA02H3- Judaism 13:22 The Ten Waves Think, Pair, Share - Shamanism is number one, had earliest existence - this evolution of religion, earlier ones are less sophisticated - Ex. Hinudism, Vedas oral texts and didnt need to be written. Human beings believe if something is written, it is more stable, but we make mistakes. - Wave is a metaphor- come and go Wave one might come in and doesnt mean that it doesnt re enter in the picture in some point, they wave into each other. Ten waves flow into each other!! Reading and Note tips: scim and scan and pull out key concepts, issues or theories that are being discussed - Myth- frames experience of their world, organized people into certain classes or groups and manages not just people but gods as well and typically tell origin stories, where we come from and so on. - realms (re-lums): historians are very limited in terms of things to know, ancient world is coming out of this idea pre history - time we had nothing of whats going on, no evidence Ancient religion do have their own texts A text is something written and recited silently. Death and After life- notion in ancient tradition and grace and even Hebrew bible, its not great place, grey and dull. JUDAISM- doesnt have a single founder, it can be defined as ethnic designation. Also identify themselves as people apart of Israel. They follow the Torah, meaning religion or faith might be an ongoing encounter of knowing God. Classification Diversity Being Jewish Monotheism- Active word to describe Judaism. As Judaism emerges, its not always explicit clear in even Hebrew bible that their god is exclusive, but exclusively worship that God and all other ones are false so believe they others dont exist. Worship of one God with disclusion of other Gods. God Is seen as an Entourage- people hang out and follow him around. Torah- has multiple meanings and may mean literally first 5 books in Hebrew bible or rest of it all together or Hebrew bible or can it all just mean you follow its teachings. Stories are contained in the Torah. Stories are not just influential for Judaism but to understand Christianity and Islam. Hebrew bible is still sacred from Islamic and christianity . Gods ongoing engagement and sequences of moments of success and failure are tied too moments of obedience and disobedience.
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