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World Religions- Lecture 1 Notes 06:37 What are we doing when we study religion? We seem to understand how people create meaning for their lives. When were studying religion in this course we are not discussing whether religion is true or false neither whether the origins of certain religions are valid; rather we will be discussing how religion effects various aspects of peoples lives. Also, we will examine the historical expression of religion. In the quizzes it is not enough just to write one sentence defining the term. You need to compare and contrast to another concept or do the 4-fold approach in order to attain full marks. MLA format or Chicago format of bibliography are best for this course in terms of the assignment. The class participation is 10% about 5% will be for doing the exercises in class and the other 5% will be for participating in the discussions. He will post word documents with study questions and you need to discuss it with your designated group. Do it! Kept asking all the questions in the world but didnt answer any of them in the two hours I spent in the stupid class with zero sleep and 100% frustration and annoyance. www.notesolution.comWorld Religions- Lecture 2 Notes 06:37 The 10 Waves: (Chapter 1) The problem with the 10 wave theory is that since it implies that religion evolves, it in turn implies that the previous religionstraditions are less advanced and sophisticated. Why waves? Why not stages? Because, metaphorically, waves come and go but they can always return; they flow in to each other; fluid. 10 waves is just a tool used in our textbook to have a ground zero to develop ideas about religion on; not necessarily a rock solid theory. Ancient Religion: (Chapter 2) Polytheism- means cultures or traditions that have multiple godsgoddesses involved. E.g. Greek mythology, Hinduism. Myth- a narrative that tells a religions story (sacred history). Frames a religions view of the word, organizes people in to groups, origin stories. Myth provides interpretations of the worlduniverse that provide meaning for religious people. Textsliterature- a more stable piece of evidence to determine what was happening in ancient times. The idea of textual information are not only written but can also be oral. E.g. Islam Mohammad receives the message. The oral component in texts is always there; silent reading is more of a modern tradition. DeathAfterlife- in ancient traditions these key concepts are different from modern view. Early Hebrews and Greeks portrayed the afterlife as a dark and grim place. Caricature- a distortion; when one religion is talking about another religion. Can be intentional or unintentional distortion. Judaism: (Chapter 3) What seems to be generic among religions is that human contact with god seems to have happened in the past rather that being an eternal thing. God is aware of all the events happening. What is the East and West? Europeans used themselves as the reference point. Why is Islam considered a western tradition? Historically, its connected to the biblical traditions of Judaism and Christianity. In Judaism, we have an idea of a sequence of revelations that are given to profits over time. Also, the idea needs to be expressed in different ways to get the message across over time. God is not redundant is Judaism , Islam and Christianity. There are successive waves of revelation because over time humans may have lost the lesson from these revelations and it needs to be reintroduced as a reminder. In Judaism, there is no one founder of the religion, rather there is a sequence. It can be defined as an ethnic designation; being a Jew that is; does not necessarily have to imply being a devout Jew, but could mean being identified as a Jew for having Jewish parents. Devout Jews answer the call of god and strive to live out the Torah ( the commandments of God).
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