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Judaism 1/17/2012 6:06:00 AM The 10 Waves and Ancient Religions Fact, Theory, and interpretation The English word religion Community Ritual Myth Death and the Afterlife History is the creation of the scholars imagination J.Z. Smith Judaism: Definition and Classification Diversity o Jewish Traditions Originally tied in with agriculture and the seasons Abrahamic 6thcentury BCE Israelite religion 70 CE, when temple is destroyed. Rabbinical Being Jewish o Can be a cultural, ethnic categorization o Not racial Monotheism o One God. o Monolotry: Asking people to believe in only one god, while acknowledging that the others exist. Torah o law according to God. Gods guidance. o Scriptures. o Can be the Hebrew Bible. Specifically the 5 Books of Moses o Talmud and Midrash Revelation o Some kind of transmition of information. The prophet is the one who receives the messages. o Think of these stories as God participating in history o They are different every time, otherwise people wouldnt listen. Not point for God(s) to repeat themselves. o Prophets Moses Moses- Legendary From academic point of view, there is no evidence that they existed Mercy. God is always giving second chances. Might be punishments, but eventually one will get a second chance. Hebrew Bible Not referred to as an Old Testament o Polemics: Showing your side to be right, and the other to be wrong. Pentateuch; Tanakh (Acronym:T N K) o Where most of the stories are found. o Also called the 5 Books of Moses o 1. Torah Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy There is a written and oral Torah. Both important. o 2. Prophets (Neviim) o 3. Writings (Ketuvim) Sacred History History, Scared History, and Narrative o Stories that the tradition themselves present. o Hypotheses about who they were, where, doing what, etc. Creation Stories o 1. Cosmic: Creation of order out of chaos In the beginning was the word Cosmogoic Myth- Creation stories of the universe. o 2. Adam and Eve Garden of Eden (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) Eve is convinced to eat from the tree because of a serpent (who is later identified as satan) Suggests the idea of a contract. Also called covenant. Obey and you will be rewarded, disobey and there will be problems. Their punishment was being banished from the garden, having to work for a living, aging, having babies, etc. Punishment- Exile Reward- Home Later Intervention (Page 38) Judaism doesnt believe in Eternal Sin In Genesis. Starts by saying In the beginning God created the human Noah o Commonality of Flood Myth in Mesopotamia- Theme of Tradition. Its a very common myth in other cultures, so its not just a Judaism thing. Pre-historical evidence might suggest that there was a big flood at some point, but its not really known. o Idea of God needing to restart the Earth, because he,she,it cannot fix it. o God tells Noah about his idea, and to save the animals. Noah builds an arc. The World of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs Abraham o Considered the first key patriarch o His name was originally Abram, but God changed it. Idea of name change is significant. o Promised the land of Canaan if he follows Gods guidance. He asks him to spread the exclusive word, for people to only worship him as the only God. God mentions that everyone should be circumcised so they can be identified. He is also asked to sacrifice his son. He proves his loyalty by being willing to sacrifice his son, but it never ends up happening. Isaac. The second son. With a woman named Sarah. Ishmael- First son, with a mistress type woman. Becomes the father of the Arabs. Isaac and Ishmael are brothers, which is interesting in modern times. o He was really righteous and lives for a long time. Like hundreds of years. Jacob o Son of Isaac. o One day he has a dream of what angels do in their daily life. Then he gets into a little fight with a spirit. And he wins. Which shows that he is special. o His name is changed to Israel which means struggle. And becomes father of the Israelites. o Achieves some kind of stability in life. Has kids, etc. o Land is no longer called Canaan, its named after Jacob. Joseph o His brothers dont like him because his dad seems to like him the most. So they kidnap him, and sell him into slavery in Egypt. Even as a slave, he is still special. He becomes buddies with the ruler. Then further proving how special he is, he invited his family to Egypt with him after a famine devastates Israel. Moses o Moses is the Prince of Egypt. He sees a guard beat up a slave, so he kills the guard. Then has to take off because he is now wanted dead. o Egypt as a starting point of exodus o It was made sure that Moses wasnt considered divine, and not subject to special treatment. o 2 Key Experiences Burning Bush Weird because the bush isnt being burnt. Its just on fire. God tells Moses that he has to go back and save the slaves because he now has a very personal relationship with them. Moses refuses at first. God has hardened the pharaohs heart, so he knows that the pharaoh will lose against Moses.
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