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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Hinduism

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Henry Shiu

Religon RLGA01September212010Religion NotesLecture 2 HinduismThe 10 Waves of Religion were methods ways to make a religionoexprophetic scrrptual and fundamental practice in chrisitaintyocombine and merge into something newInstitiulize religion what we are experiencing right now in persent day in the worldoall relgiions looking for the universal turthothe practice chrsitianity janism and buddhism are different from when their founders found them a long time agoothe practice wer observe is a result of centuries of human developmentothere is a very large human development in religiion there are different needs in relgions spirtual needs change as society changesex different needs from producuers and farmersoas soceity chages the way people practice thier religonidea of how religion is preacticed thats what the 10 waves of erelgion areThe Indus Valley Civilaizationoindication that religion was a contiune developmentAryansoHinduism is a result of htese two movements Indus valley and whatever practice brought by the Aryansoscholoars found hinduism is a reuslt of the Indus Valley and the Aryans culture htat came at different timesIndus Valley Civilaizationothe name India was from an outsiders to refer to the land as a land of surronding of water
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