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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 hinduism

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Henry Shiu

RLG A01 Lec 02Religion is always a living tradition and is meant to be practiced rituals and chantingby the individuals Statement is problematic because of the terms that is represented in the statements because they are misleading because they suggest a uniformity and consistency that does not actually existthe word Hinduism is just an umbrella termit is not even of the Indian origin this word were for the thIndians in general in 12 century and not the ones that practice the religion later on it became the religions nameHinduism was primarily an outsiders word the Persians would use this word to describe them when ppl in India did not even have that word to describe that religion they have this word sanatana dharmameaning eternallaw or eternal duty closest to what the western world religion means Hindus never consider themselves as even practicing a religion they see themselves as devotees of a partical god or godess Practioners would have a forehead marking to tell others what they are practicing TilaksSHIVA AND VISHNU are really importa
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