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Not putting islam under the academic scrutiny and rigor it leads to the misrepresentation of the religion Simplification apologeticsinside defense of the tradition of Islam leads to its misrepresentationNot being critical does not due justice to the religionWriting a book of celebrating islamis doing the apologetic Want to make it acamedicincluding its scrutiny and rigor of academiaKey termSource critismCritical analysis vs sympathetic analysis Back readingthe tradition is something that progressits negotiationing the things in the past and what the Quran and says it relates to what it is today th Early 9 tradition have something that makes the religion of Islam is on the map and its available from multiple vantage pointoutside looking inthe tradition goes all the way back thto the 6 century tradition attempts to form its identity and its forming the origin of the tradition IdeologicalHebrew and Christian bible referred to as narratives storiesdont spend time talking about other people and what they do Islam does it actually has arguments within it trying to justify it not just story and symbols its argumentative Embedded in Quran ideology that establishes its tradition and states others as insufficient The word of Godit
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