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Sample Argument SummariesHere are two sample argument summaries to help you get the hang of things The first is very easy the second is quite toughSample 1Philosopher C U Later writesIm a neutral monist because I believe whatever Stephen Harper believes and he believes neutral monismEasy enough to spell out this reasoning1If Stephen Harper believes a theory then I believe that theory2Stephen Harper believes neutral monism about mind and body3Therefore I believe neutral monism about mind and bodySample 2Philosopher I M Notadualist writesHeres why minds cant be spiritual Spiritual minds would either have a causal effect on material bodies or not Suppose that they do have such an effect That would mean that at least some neural events in your brain are caused twice over The neural event that occurs when you decide to scratch an itch and which initiates the cascade of neural activity leading ultimately to your scratching well it would be caused by both your decision and at the same time whatever neural event preceded it But thats absurd Suppose then that spiritual minds dont have any ef
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