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Henry Shiu

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World Religions
Prof: Henry Shiu office hours 1-2 pm HW515
Eastern religions have impact on Canadians
Religions help new academic research
Idea of liberation and enlightenment, practicing these religions will help your
mind elevate, spiritual enhancement
Religions that came later on borrowed ideas from Hinduism
People wanted to find more answers, so they brought on Buddhism
Text book: Willard G. Oxtoby and Roy C Amore eds. World Religions Eastern
Traditions. Toronto Oxford Press 2010 (third edition)
Course Evaluation: 2 written (15% each due oct 23 and nov 20) 30
Quiz: late October 30
Final exam between dec 7 and dec 21 40
2-25 sept 10
28-55 sept 17
220-247 nov 5
256-321 nov 12
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