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Lecture 8

RLGA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Jahiliyyah, Polytheism

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David Perley

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Lecture 8 Islam
The Pre-Islamic Context
- Islam is connected to older versions of prophecy
Arabian Peninsula
- Prophet dies 632 CE
- People who wrote stories about him were “celebrating him”
- Followed by later traditions of hadith (revision)
Arabia -> nomadic/mecca (come for trade and religious practice)
Arabia-> bizantires/Persians -> Christians
“power vaccum” in peninsula – meaning no one is in charge
Jahiliyya -> ignorance of reality of monotheism
- Abrahamic myth practice of polytheism
- Muhammad is the “revivifier” of monotheism
- Bringing it back to Arabia
Multiple gods wealth and health
Rahmanan(?) early Arabian god god of mercy -> the “merciful”
Counterpoint -> what is Islam?
- It’s not polytheistic
- Past is used to define emerging Islamic concepts
- 9-10th century sunni and shia
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