Lecture 4 Notes

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Published on 5 Feb 2011
Quiz is 1 Hours
Time should be spaced during The quiz
Quality over quantity
Think of How different Terms can Fit into cert ain categories
Definitions Are in sentences Not point Form
Rabbinical Judaism
New ways of practicing Are introduced As substitutes
Messianic sect is starting To practice
Mishnah is codified
Codification of The sacred Texts creates A sense ofpermanence”
Revelations is closed or No longer Accepted
Interpretation begins of The Texts (Exegesis)
Oral Torah was spread which wasn’t written down (Mishnah)
Telmud is Exegesis put Together (Babylonian) with The Mishnah
Minorah is A perfect representation of Judaism
Jews Are priests of The world
The world is The Templ e
Suffering is par t of The Greater plan by God (Suffering Through Faith)
Dietary restrictions From Leviticus
Boundaries Are Frequent Throughout
The Messiah Meaning is different in Judaism
Baptism is practiced in Christianity but its originated in Judaism
70 C.E. Destruction of The second Temple
Dates of sacred Text codif ication
1492 Jews Expelled From Spain & Spanish Inquisition
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