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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Discuss the different traditions in Christianity after Luther and Calvin
Monolithic - single rock or base
Counter reformation in Catholicism (Council of Trent)
Studying according to tradition
Traditionalists, Modernists, radical (different spectrums within)
Point of contrasts Helps Make the view clearer
Muslims were Not always a joint Group of people
Unless there is a clear distinction, the religion will Get absorbed
Pre-Islamic period - point of ignorance that there is one God (Jahiliyya)
Christianity, Judaism and Islam is interconnected
Ishmael is the Father of the Arabs
Koran is the sacred scripture
Muhammad - the Final prophet
Sacred biography provides an insiders view
The prime Exampler of How we should live our lives
Met with Great opposition
When He ascends, He Meets the other prophets
Negotiates the prayer From 50 to 5 per day
Medina - City of prophets where He is First accepted
He joins the Group of people into one, returning to Mecca
Kabah is the central point of worship
There is a chain of successors, with the authority changing
Little bit of being New and old
The Seal of the Prophets is the Final approval
Women and Men are typically separated
Religion spreads by word of Mouth
5 pillars of Islam
Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Fasting, Hajj, (Jihad)
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