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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Lecture 7: March 8th, 2011
Magisterial Reformation:
Magisterial- supported by authorities in localities
-Geneva for Calvin
-Modern day Germany for Luther
Quiz Two: knowledge constructed from course text/lecture (not other contexts)
Final Exam: Discuss two later groups within /Christianity based on Luther & Calvin
Catholicism and the counter reformation
-there were reformations happening within the Christian church reformations were not
just a reflection of Lutheran reform
-Lutheranism was radical
-Monolithic viewthe existence of difference
Monolith: one solid thing (mono-one lith-stone)
-confessionalization occurs: each tradition clarifies doctrines and beliefs within
Protestant and Catholic tradition both undergo
The Pre-Islamic Context
-Important to look at historical context prior to Muhammad
-Muhammad begins transmitting faith at age 40, but as a historian there is a background
that sets context
-Up to 6th century, Arabs are initially nomadic, not a political threat to Byzantines
(Christian) or Persian (Zoroastrian) Empires (pre-Islamic)
-Polytheism is popular among Arabs pre-Islam
ie. Prior to Islam there was a cult (community of people forming around ritual and
practices) of Ramanan the merciful. As Islam develops scholars note different names for
the same God. Each name is based on qualities and attributes of God. Various Gods that
were separate and autonomous and are attributes of one God (polytheismmonotheism)
-God as the merciful is exclusive to God, humans are incapable of being merciful
-Pre-Islamic period as a counterpoint:They did it this way, were doing things differently
Some traditions do carry over. Rationale: pre-Islamic period is characterized as a period
of ignorance.
Ignorant of teachings of Abraham (Monotheism) called JAHILIYYA
-Islam to revive monotheism
There is a story within Arabia that monotheism once existed, and marks the counterpoint.
Abraham as a prototypical model, Islam as revising the model. (Islam connects itself with
the Hebrew tradition)
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