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23 Apr 2012
Lecture 9:
Place these religious in a temporary modern context
Contemporary Judaism:
- 2 ways to culturally divide jews in a contemporary context
- Jews can be divided into Ashkenazim (coming from northern and eastern Europe) and Sephardim (jews
that maintained a presence in the mediteranean and middle east).
- 4 divisions in Judaism: Orthodox, reform, conservative, and reconstructionist
- 2 most common divisions are Orthodox (conservative) and reform (liberal)
- Orthodox tends to be conservative
- reform Judaism is a modern form of Judaism (girls were able to do certain religious practices)
- majority of jews that live in Israel are secularist (not really religious)
- Although most jews are secularist they tend to give power to the orthodox people
-Zionism means that the recovery of Jerusalem is part of the salvation of Judaism
American Religion:
Gods country:
- the first people that came to America were religious people, they wanted to establish their own
religion (religious groups), thus it was called “Gods Country”
- coming out of protestant groups
- Historically evangelicalism developed itself in England and the States through circuit preachers.
Preachers would travel around, and set up tents, and they would perform a sermon (people would
- preachers were experts in controlling emotions
Social gospel:
- Social Gospel is the movement where it originated in urban areas. Poverty, alcoholism, rights of
women were essential issues for social gospel. They believed no one is getting saved until the
community is getting saved (community first, then personal benefits))
-comes from a British, English context, it was a call for Christians to go back to the some of the core
essentials of the tradition. They thought Bible was the beginning and end to everything, so they believed
we should go back to the fundamentals of Christianity
- It is a term that comes from the history of Christianity
Muslim Approaches to Modernity:
- no changes to religion
- accept changes to the religion
- Change what is degenerative, but through a return to the original faith
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